Home Remedies for Good Sleep

Home Remedies for Good Sleep

Unrelenting sleeplessness has become a major obstacle to many people, forcing them to try out sorts of medication available. Sadly, the treatments don’t go well for many and only leaves them frustrated and disappointed. However, with home remedies, you can start to enjoy uninterrupted sleep with great ease. According to Australian Sleep Health Foundation, 40 percent of people who use pills end up adopting natural remedies in the long run. Having a general awareness of the remedies that can make you sleep well will go a long way in making your sleeping experience far much better. Here are some home remedies for good sleep as listed in their different categories.

Bed-Time Foods and Diet

There are several before-bed bites that you can take before you sleep. According to the Journal of Orthomolecular Food, these foods contain amino acids that are essential in making serotonin, which is a brain chemical that induces sleep. Chicken or turkey slices are great bites and you should only take them in small portions. By the same token, foods that are rich in carbohydrates also help in counteracting insomnia. This is because they assist in the penetration of tryptophan into the brain in order to make the body to rest. A handful of cookies taken with a glass of milk will definitely serve the purpose.
One of the problematic habits that you should avoid is the uptake of huge meals at night since you’ll typically need at least four hours to digest a heavy meal. Similarly, you should avoid sugary foods, caffeine as well as spices during supper.

Behavior Management

Stress, temper, sadness are huge sleep enemies. Although it might seem that no one wants these feelings and they are not in our control, but some prioritization and management can really help. If you are not facing serious depression or other condition it might be very useful to learn how to keep your mind in a healthy mood. Sleeplessness and these bad conditions are elevated by each other to certain extent and thus, it is important to not get in their vicious circle. Happy life, good sleep, good sleep, happy life !!!

Bedroom Habits

To begin with, you should turn your alarm clock away from the bed to avoid glances when you’re awake. This is because you’ll end up wondering if you’ll really perform well once the day breaks. Also, you should turn down your thermostat to a few degrees before you sleep because studies have shown that most people tend to sleep well under cool temperatures. If you share a bed that is not big enough for you to relax, then it would a good idea to go for king-size.


Some herbs have been proved to help people sleep faster without the hang-over feelings that are typical of sleeping pills. The National Sleep Foundation reports that herbal remedies such as herbal tea works as a tranquilizer much as medicines such as diazepam do. Others include linden flowers, wintergreen, lemon balm, stevia herb, chamomile, hawthorne flowers and catnip.
Home remedies for sleeplessness come with loads of benefits: They do not have side effects and are extremely cost-effective and easy to adapt to. All that is required of you is willpower and the desire to see a change.
Home remedies for sleeplessness come with loads of benefits. They do not have side effects and are extremely cost-effective and easy to adapt to. All that is required of you is willpower and the desire to see a change.


Taking time to smell lavender on your way to sleep can help deal with sleep problems quite significantly. Jasmine essential oil is also helpful in this regard. According to studies carried at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia, scientists discovered that people who spend nights in jasmine-scented rooms slept very deeply compared to those who stay in un-scented room.


Create a schedule and stick to it every day. The body is able to adhere to a routine when it’s over and over. For example you can choose to be working out in the evening or taking an outdoor walk in the morning. You can also plan not to be taking a nap during the day no matter how exhausted you feel.

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