Building Muscle and Losing Fat

Building Muscle and Losing Fat

Building muscle, loosing fat and increasing fitness are all achievable goals when using specific gym equipment. All people who take training seriously while working out from home or in the gym know that to achieve specific targets you need to use the right equipment. In this post, I will identify the top 2 tips/exercises for (A) losing weight and (B) Building muscle.

Losing Weight

Most people know taking in less calories and burning more calories, will help achieve fat loss. However, we also know that many plans there are as useless as bicycle peddles on a wheelchair. No matter what exercise you do calorie intake will always play a major role in losing weight. One of the most affective exercises and common for fat loss is interval training, Below Is a quick demonstration of how this type of training is performed.

Second to interval training I would recommend a static bicycle exercise. Cycling is a great way to burn calories weather that is indoors or out. Burning 250-500 calories should be achievable over a 30-minute stage, this can obviously be increased or decreased depending on intensity. This specific exercise will help increase muscle endurance in the legs but will also burn fat at the same time. Many people that are prone to injury might use static bikes as there is low impact involved and wont ache joints afterwards.

Now I know riding a bike is kind of self-explanatory but there are types of training that will make the training more affective, here is one type,

Building Muscle

Machines or free weights? There is no real right or wrong here because both free weights and machine exercises can help to build muscle and are used by top athletes that want to increase strength and mass. Here you will find commercial gym equipment for sale for both free weight and machine exercises. Many people get confused about which will help them get better results fast and the truth is they both help but in my opinion free weights are more essential. For example, the differences in the Smith bench and bar bell bench press is that with the bar bell there is more tension/stress on the muscle, however When I train incline chest I would use the smith machine so that I can really target a muscle area with a restricted movement.        

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