Boost your Energy with a Quick Office Workout: 10 Tips

quick office workout

Boost your Energy with a Quick Office Workout: The Centers for Disease Control recommend a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity (i.e. brisk walking) and muscle strengthening activities on two or more days a week to achieve a health benefit.

Don’t worry though!  You don’t need to be training for a marathon.  You can break those 150 minutes into 10 minute intervals (like a brisk walk during your break) and still get the same benefit.

Your office pick-me-up doesn’t have to begin and end with a brisk walk though.  Try these 10 exercises you can do in the office to keep supplement your normal workout and keep your metabolism high and burning calories throughout the day.

These 10 exercises from How Stuff Works are low intensity and chosen because they are unobtrusive.  After all, we’re trying to get you promoted not have everyone think you’re a weirdo.

  1. Start-up Meeting Stretches: Your morning meeting is a great time to get stretched and ready for the day’s activities
    • Stretch your neck by tilting your head toward your shoulder, holding for 10 seconds, then alternating
    • Loosen your shoulders by rolling them forward 10 times, then backwards 10 times
    • Stretch your wrist by extending your arm straight out in front of you then pulling your fingers down with your other hand, then up, and alternate
    • Wake up your legs by holding one off the ground with your leg straight, then pointing your toes toward the ceiling, hold, then toward the ground, repeat 10 times, now draw a circle with your toes, repeat 10 times, reverse direction, repeat 10 times, alternate legs
  2. Copy Machine Calisthenics:  Don’t waste time watching the copier work, put it to use.
    • Keeping your leg straight, lift it to the back or side, slowly lower it, change sides
    • Bend your leg at the knee, swing it back and forth for 30 seconds, alternate
    • Standing with one leg straight, try to kick your glutes with the heel of your other leg, repeat 10 times, alternate
    • Raise your heels off the floor, slowly lower them, repeat 10 times
  3. Under Desk Dynamics: Relieve your aching legs and get an ab workout with these exercises.
    • Starting with feet flat on the floor, sit tall, hold your abs tight, extend one leg until it is parallel with your hip, hold for 10 seconds, slowly lower leg, repeat 15 times, alternate legs
    • Stand tall in front of your chair, keep your back straight, slowly lower down to within one inch of chair seat, hold for 10 seconds, lift back up
    • Sitting in your chair, extend your legs straight out, cross one on top of the other, press top leg down, resist with lower leg until muscles are tired, alternate legs and repeat
  4. High Profile Aerobics:  It’s good for your health and your career to be seen around the office.
    • Visit colleagues rather than emailing them
    • Drink lots of water (bonus benefit: walking to the restroom burns calories)
    • Walk fast – it looks like you’re doing something important
    • Take the stairs whenever possible and take two steps at a time if you can
  5. Office Chair Abdominals: Replace your office chair with a balance ball (ok, this one isn’t so unobtrusive).
    • Sit on ball and find balance, pull your navel in and your shoulders back, place feet hip width apart
  6. Bottom Line Lifters: Lift your own bottom line while improving your companies.
    • Lift one glute up and almost off of the chair, rock back and forth for 30 seconds, now stop and squeeze both for 10 seconds
    • Stand with feet shoulder width apart, shift weight to one leg, lift other leg behind you, hold onto the desk for balance, slowly circle leg 25 times, reverse direction, circle 25 times, switch legs
  7. Water Bottle Workouts: No need to bring weights to work, 32 ounces of water weighs about 2 pounds.
    • Sit tall with abs pulled in, hold water bottle in hand and curl toward shoulder, repeat 15 times, switch arms
    • Hold water bottle in hand, bend elbow so water bottle is at shoulder, extend arm overhead, switch arms
    • Hold water bottle at chest level, twist to the right as far as you can, come back to center, twist to left, repeat 10 times
  8. Conference Table Toners: Meeting time doesn’t have to mean wasted time.
    • Place a hand under table palm up, press against the table, continue until tired, one hand at a time or both at once
    • Put palm on the table, press down until tired, one hand at a time or both at once
    • If you don’t know the answer to a question, raise your shoulder to your ear, hold for 3 seconds, relax
    • Sit on the edge of the chair, press down on the table with both hands, lift legs as high as possible
  9. Innovative Isometrics: With no visible movement, static strength exercises can be done almost anywhere.
    • Make a fist, squeeze, hold for 10 seconds, release, stretch fingers, repeat 10 times
    • While standing hold onto your chair, rest one foot on the back of the other legs calf, raise on your toes, hold for 30 seconds, repeat 3 times, switch legs
    • Contract pelvic floor muscles, hold for 5 seconds, relax, repeat 5 times
  10. No-Sweat Calorie Burners: The best exercise is the one that doesn’t feel like exercise.
    • Stand whenever possible burns more calories per hour than sitting
    • Fidgeting can burn up to 350 calories a day, that’s up to 36 pounds a year
    • Good posture strengthens your core, is a good ab workout, relieves lower back pain, and gives you confidence
    • Deep breathing lowers your heart rate and helps you relax
    • Laugh often, it exercises your diaphragm, relieves stress, makes you popular, tightens your stomach, and works your heart.

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