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First of all, heartiest welcome to all Fitness lovers from all over the world.

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ashriwal is a blogger and has 12 years of experience in the field of Health & Fitness. His comprehensive knowledge and experience allow him to help global clients reach out, and effectively engage, with their customers. In his spare time, he loves reading about technological updates for gadgets and the industry as well as enjoying offbeat holidays.

HealthyEdu, is a complete information based website dedicated to Health and Fitness. The site is ideal in terms of complete fitness guide with a collection of Information includes Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Slimming, Diet Plans, Weight Loss Tips, Remedies, Weight Training, Yoga and many more fitness tips. In this blog, we try to give you complete information on a healthy lifestyle. Towards the same, we try to categorize all relevant fields under different headings which will definitely help you in the search of your need and access the site in a systematic and user-friendly way.

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