3 Advance Thigh Exercises

3 Advance Thigh Exercises

3 Thigh Exercises You Must Do!

Did you see that supermodel’s thighs? Weren’t those just the most perfectly looking sexy and toned thin thighs ever? Well good news, you can have them too!

It’s no secret that having beautiful sexy thin thighs can really increase man and woman’s self-confidence and appeal so if you’re just one dying to get rid of those big flabby thighs, these thigh exercises are just for you.

Thigh Exercises That Work #1 – Squats

Nothing will get your quadriceps more pumped up that squats. These are extremely good and there are two kinds that are terrific for your thighs.

Chair Squats

The Chair Squat consists of you standing in front of a chair with your back facing the chair. All you do is slowly and in control act like you’re going to sit down, but not letting your rear touch the chair. Hold this position for a few seconds, then back up to the standing position, but not where your legs are fully erect and extended.

Wall Squats

Standing by a wall with your back towards the face of the wall, have your feet at shoulder width apart and your toes pointed slightly upward. Maintaining equal weight and balance on both feet, lower yourself down gently into a squat position. Make sure your heels are at all times touching the ground.

Slowly get back up to the position you first started then repeat. If you do this correctly you’ll feel your inner thighs targeted.

Thigh Exercises That Work #2 – Leg Press

Using a leg press machine, seat yourself with your back and head against the padded support. Place your feet on the foot plate about hip width apart. Make sure heels are flat and your legs are forming about a 90 deg angle at the knees. Another important tip people usually forget when doing this thigh exercise is to have the knees be in line with the feet and not varying inward or outward.

Once you’ve made sure of these, push the platform away until you feet are almost fully extended, but not fully then go back down slowly to starting position. Maintain heels flat throughout the exercise.

Thigh Exercises That Work #3 – Power Walking

Probably the easiest of the thigh exercises, power walking is great since you can do it on your way to the grocery or even from work to your home. Power walking is simply walking at a faster rate than normal, but not as fast as jogging or running.

Power walking is more about taking bigger strides while you walk. A great exercise for your cardio and entire body as well. But be sure to power walk along flat surfaces only and not inclined ones, as you might get overly developed muscles.

And if these thigh exercises aren’t enough for your thin thighs get a load of my Thigh Toning Exercises post.

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